Tanzania Relief Initiatives have Youth Empowerment programs seeks to establish an environment and effective platforms where youth may exercise authentic participation and pursuit their own visions, dreams, hopes, and concerns pertaining to development and overall well-being. The program activities are grounded on the fundamental evidence that if young people have sufficient incomes and resources to sustain productive lives, they can generate an economic opportunity and contribute to the wider good and care for others.

    In Tanzania people aged 13-28 are considered as one of the most vulnerable clusters of the population, affected by poverty, lack of appropriate education, unemployment, social inequality and environmental degradation. Many young people still lack access to information, equal opportunity to receive quality public services, sufficient skills and knowledge to pursue career goals and benefit from opportunities in the labour market. Tanzania Relief Initiatives recognizes the big potential and huge underutilized capacity among youth for the good of communities and the public, in general. Through these programs the organization tries to eliminate factors having negative effect on the youth welfare and then empower them to act as agents of change.

Programs Goal

  • Youth to become drivers of change by promoting them to use their maximum potential as citizens and as economic subjects and ensuring youth transition well into adulthood with the skills, capacities and sustainable livelihoods to take care of their children.
  • In pursuing this goal, we apply local level advocacy for quality implementation of state youth policy and promotion of social accountability between young citizens and duty bearers.
  • Youth Empowerment programs provides diverse range of mechanisms and platforms where youth may exercise authentic participation, voice up their concerns and share their vision.