We recognize that a healthy environment is imperative for the transformation of our societies and economy, and that it significantly contributes to meeting most of the 17 sustainable development goals. We therefore strive to find better solutions to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. We work to safeguard our wildlife, ecosystem, climate, water resources, and support community livelihood. We want to achieve improved community livelihood by promoting healthy and safe environment.  In this direction, we foster a sustainable co-existence between man and nature as a way of promoting environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

       We promote biodiversity and integrated ecosystem management, by taking roles in protecting, restoring and sustaining biodiversity and ecosystems. By doing this, we sustain healthy and productive ecosystem capable of sufficiently meeting community and ecological needs especially food,water, energy, biodiversity protection.

       We promote climate change adaptation and mitigation by initiating climate change resilience projects which address among others community capacity development issues in climate adaption and mitigations as a way to improve both community livelihood and environment.

         We push for sustainable agriculture through adoption of appropriate agricultural techniques that protect the environment by reducing or preventing degradation or depletion of natural resources such as soil, water, vegetation, animals and microbes.

            We also advance sustainable tourism that balances between use and preservation and minimizes adverse impacts on the ecological system.

         We advocate for appropriate and effective legal and policy frameworks as well as strong institutions to ensure a healthy environment and healthy community. We need strong institutions (effective legal instruments; policies and laws, and organizations) to protect, restore and sustain a healthy and productive environment.

         We engage in environmental research and consultancy to support evidence-based decision for sustainable governance and management of our environment.